2014. augusztus 28., csütörtök

Buenas tardes! 
Its really hard to choose a language for you all guys, but I hope most of you understand English so here we go, the first month of my Mexican experience is nearly gone. Its about time for the next episode. ^^
Im not even sure where should I start... Ooooh wait, I know, I have seen the old pyramids, older than the Aztec Indians, absolutely beautiful, but more like impressive, a huuuge city built for the gods of old. Human sacrifices and old the rest of course, but wooow the size of this sacred city is something extremely wonderful I believe. Which culture today has such a spiritually centered life? As I was walking across the different pyramids, I tried to imagine the life they had, day to day, such impressive architecture, art and knowledge of this world and the universe. To be so connected with the creation, I want to believe that you need to know the Creator. They might have called Him on a different name, understood Him different, but since they seemed to center their life worshiping these gods, the heavens opened and poured blessings on them. Its so interesting that no one knows who had built these pyramids... I climbed both the Sun and the Moon pyramid and wooow these guys must have been fit, I mean huh, the steps are tall and the pyramids are magnificent. And all the houses around were built with a similar structure only smaller of course. Kjaaaaa guess what, there was a butterfly dance on the top of the Sun pyramid. Yellow ones, but great size, playfully enjoying the thin air. ^^ Here are some pictures: (the rest of the day trip was way too touristy...)

All righty so this was one weekend, the first weekend, I went up to the desert of the Lions which is a wonderful forest up high in the mountains with no lions... ^^ I love things in Mexico!!! There is an enormous convent on the top and in the middle of this forest. I didnt bring my camera, sorry... But I can tell you that the gardens and walking routes within the convent, and of course the view from the convent is aaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!! They were Carmelitas, and except for the vow of silence, I was about to decide to stay on, to meditate on God's Word for the rest of my life, do gardening, and just exist joyfully for the glory of the Lord! ^^ Too bad for the silence thing, I think they would've get rid of me very soon, I would just hum and burst into singing completely unconsciously... I just have a feeling it would be rather impossible for me, but the rest, I liked the idea about God very much, their lifelong commitment and beautiful surrounding. There is so much JOY in God's presence. I seek fellowship so much, there is more than spirituality here in Mexico, or a daily relationship with the Creator of the heavens and the earth. The catholic tradition is extremely mixed with the old believes, I could barely recognize the church inside with the very different imagery and rituals. There was one thing that was cute. The past weekend was San Bartolo's festival, celebrating the saint's visit back to the village and while going through the festive crowd, wandered by the church were they decorated everything, like walls and gates and arches with flowers. And there it was a sleepy dog stretching in the middle of the mass in the center lane. It was soooo funny. The owner was at the edge of the row, listening to the sermon.

A little bit about the university Ibero. Well, the first impression is that its a very SNOB university. The students are the spoiled kids of the richest higher class that rules over the majority of people who live in extreme poverty. They come in with a red mustang in the morning, while the people are using the little camions, on top of each other, often standing on the last step, hanging out of the 'bus' that circulates with open doors. The extremes of this country is just unbelievable, and the more days are passing by the harder it gets to see it. It breaks my heart. I go to college, where people don't know what to do with their money or ego... and go home and see the poverty around me, how kids play on the tiny streets where cars are running, homes turned into shops to make a living and the most ridiculous part is that there is NO drinkable water... In Africa I couldn't drink the top water either, but the people who grew up there yes. Here the water pipes are so badly done, that it's impossible. In the biggest city of the world with no drinkable water.
However the little village where I live is my favourite place of the city of Mexico. People who are simple, kind and live in a community. I feel so safe here, with neighbours that know me, the little shops run by families, who greet you from far and always smile. I had my first sleepless night with 'halacska' and went for a walk at 6am in the pitch darkness and saw the first sunrise! Even though the sun wasn't up the buzz of the place was impressive. I had a two hour walk, up and down the little streetlike labyrinth of the mountain. ^^ Here are some pictures I took before of the balcony and my little friend: Gordita. ^^

 And as you can see, even though we are in the rainy season and it rains a looooot!!!!, I still managed to get a very impressive tan, that is darkening fairly quickly. I am cut into white and really dark parts.... ^^

I couldn't make a picture yet of the view of the city because normally the clouds or the sun doesn't allow the camera the capture the incredible view that I have for a huge part of the city.

Back to college, I couldn't take most of the subjects I wanted to but my favourite called 'Drama Latinoamericano', where I thought being so naiv, that we are going to study plays and stuff from the wonderful latinoamerican selection, however we act and direct plays instead!!! ^^ Its so much fun! I felt a little shy to begin with but Im getting really into it. My other class that is really interesting is 'Corpus Joanico', my theology class, which is an online course. So I have to read a LOOOOT about academic Scripture analysis, which is to be honest would be hard in English too, but hey I know someone who adores challenge!!! ^^ I have learned so much! And continue to learn.
Just yesterday I was at a conference about the latest reforms in the Mexican government (it was compulsory) but I've seen in the program that there will be a topic about religion and meanings of life. So I went to my salsa class, then left (cause usually I dance 4 hours) for the conference and came back two hours later for dancing bachata!!! Oooooh the conference was Great! I met a really nice lady who is involved in Christian Science. I am excited to get to know her better. The speeches were held by a jewish, a muslim and a christian believer. It was very interesting. But was a little upsetting the attitude of the students who came to it: accusing, rejecting and too lazy to search for the Truth. The comments surprised me very much. Even though Ibero is a jesuit university, there isn't much spirituality involved, although the humanitarian side of the gospel is undoubtedly represented and trying to grow. I haven't seen such a response to the gospel: actions without faith. 

And finally some pictures of last weekend, when I went with some Friends!!! to the Ixtapopo National Park, where the volcanos are.

    So to conclude everything, I am still very happy, really enjoy the atmosphere of  life here. Relaxed, more interactive and community based. I am truly grateful to be here. God is just Awesome!!! ^^

2014. augusztus 8., péntek

Hola a todos!
Here I am now from the largest town in whole of America. From Mexico city, a place of extremes for sure. In order to make everyone feel good, I'm pleased to tell all of you that I have arrived safe and sound. A little bit adventurous, but hey who would've thought?... ^^ In Chicago I was stuck with my bags and no chance to check it in or lock it somewhere, so after a short low moment (thanks to Tibi) I have decided to look for a place for the following 17 hours and actually see something of the quiet impressive city of Chicago. I found myself a youth hostel, where guess what? I met two Mexican girls in my dorm, from Mexico city!!! ^^ God is just so good, he always embraces me with love and offers a Way to take. So after coming home late, slept about 4 hours, maybe 4 and 1/2 and back to the airport to fly to Mexico. Waaaaa on the plane already but had to tell myself over and over again that its actually happening now, I AM going to Mexico right now. hahaha It was hilarious, the unreal fact of this journey.
Now all seems natural, like if I would have been living here long time now. The 'public transport' is very similar to Africa, crazy, always busy, just today I was riding on a small bus back home and the doors are always open but I was hanging out of the back door, barely had place for my feet on the last step and hold onto the bar while speeding through the city. I loooove it here! The Spanish is just so beautiful that they speak here, has a melody, and of course they don't lisp.
Oh I forgot to mention that by accident I said to the family that I arrive on the 4th so actually nobody was waiting for me at the airport... It was so funny, I arrived and ... Nobody... I was so trusting and most of all silly I had no phone number of the senora Sandra, nor an address to my new home or nothing, I was standing there and wondered what next... ^^ But of course God makes a way even for such silly people like me. My computer had a tiny bit of battery so I could check my emails and there she was writing me that she was there the day before and I was nowhere to be found, they called the Embassy and everything. But fortunately she put her phone number there and a kind lady beside me called her to arrange the meeting. hahaha ^^ I can't go anywhere without doing something crazy. Did I mention that I had no credit on my phone either or charger for my computer that works in Mexico? 
Anyways. ^^
We found each other and I live here in San Bartolo, close to Santa Fe where my university is. Higher up in the mountains, in a tiny village like area, very poor, but very welcoming and most of all awesome view of the city!!!!!!! From my 'balcony' oooh seriously Im so grateful to God, he knew exactly where Im going to be happy. I have two housemates, a Colombian guy  and a Mexican one. There is so much laughter and ambience in the house, I love it, speak so much Spanish and eat a lot of local food in these tiny streets where I can enter and eat with the family who sells the food. Its just a magical place of the Earth. Kindness and joy flows in the eyes, such culture and history that is seen in today very much. May I please stay here forever? ^^
I picked my classes today and yesterday, which is filled with new changes, exciting and upsetting. But there are sooooo many activities that I dont think I could be sad too long. Can't wait for the classes to start next Monday!!! Tomorrow the international students will have a game in the city center to get to know the place but to do something fun also in small groups with tasks to do for time. I have to say that this university is very rich, snobbish also but the best university I have ever been. Academically excellent, student friendly and also responds to need of its own society. Just aaaaaaaw  is my impression of it. Oooooo and seriously, the library people, its like in a dream of mine!!! ^^
There is countless things to share and show, but I didnt take pictures yet and still didnt have time to rest from the journey as I talk til late with this and that in the house, so if you don't mind...
Hasta pronto. ^^